Use OECD eXplorer to select your own indicators from the OECD regional database and have them displayed on different linked dynamic views such as maps, time trends: histograms, pie charts and scatter plots.




Choose the Regional eXplorer  to visualise statistics

for small and large regions in OECD countries



Choose the Metropolitan eXplorer to visualise statistics 

on the 300 metropolitan areas  in OECD countries 





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 Regional accounts (by sector and measure)  Regional accounts (TL2)  Regional accounts (TL3)  
 Demographic statistics (by gender and age)  Demographics (TL2)  Demographics (TL3)  
 Innovation indicators (R&D, education, patents)  Innovation (TL2)  Innovation (TL3)  
 Labour statistics (by gender and age)  Labour (TL2)  Labour (TL3)  
 Social statistics (social, health and environment)  Social (TL2)  Environment (TL3)  
 Metropolitan areas (all indicators)


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