Welcome to the new OECD statistical portal on Regions at a Glance.


The objective of this site is to present regional and local statistics through interactive visualisations and for different levels of user need:






Interactive edition


Visualise our interactive data stories to see the effects of local differences on national performance and individual welfare






Country profiles

For each OECD member country, an interactive country profile describes regional dynamics, sub-national finance and metropolitan areas impacts to national economy. Compare your country profile with the other countries.





eXplorer tools


Use the web-tools OECD eXplorer and Metro eXplorer to compare demographic trends, economic, social and environmental performance of regions and metropolitan areas in OECD countries and to view interactive maps and other visual presentations of the regional database and the metropolitan database.








The series OECD Regions at a Glance compares major regional patterns and trends across OECD countries and diffuses the statistical tools elaborated by the Working Party on Territorial Indicators for the analysis of regional economies.